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False Claim | Screaming in Circles

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Power of None | Duck You!

Qusetions?                                                    02/14/2020


2020 release from Annual Disaster

Annual Disaster has released it's new 2020 single Questions? Available to stream and download everywhere.

3...2...1...BOOM!                                              01/02/2020


3...2...1...BOOM! new EP

The time to run for cover has passed! No one is safe now! 3...2...1...BOOM! has just released their first EP. Wait For It... is now available exclusively on Turncoat's website.

Teenage Backlash | Falling Stars                      12/13/2019


Falling Stars

New single, Falling Stars by Teenage Backlash. Teenage Backlash's first EP will be released on January 10th. 

The Static Humans | Invasion Series                      09/19/19


Invasion Series

First look at a series of paintings created in association with The Static Humans Self-titled EP, painted by the bands frontman Justin Watkins

Power of None | Dreamworld Series                  09/13/2019


Dreamworld Series

A series of paintings, painted in association with the release of Power of None's first EP Duck You!, painted by Justin Watkins

False Claim | Screaming in Circles                   08/09/2019


False Claim releases it's first Album

False Claim's first album Screaming in Circles from Turncoat Records, is now available to stream and download everywhere


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